LEADS Buys Land for Business Park

Cheyenne, WY – The city of Cheyenne may soon have its second business park. This week, the economic development group Cheyenne LEADS bought a 612 acre piece of land west of town, in hopes of using it to attract new business. Part of that land is the subject of an annexation lawsuit, but LEADS President Randy Bruns says it doesn't matter much what happens in that case. He says the key for them is getting the land rezoned from a mix of residential and agricultural to light industrial. Bruns says he's not totally confident in that happening. That's why they have an out in the purchase contract if rezoning doesn't happen. But he says they wouldn't be expending such resources if they didn't think they had a reasonable shot. LEADS was looking at this land in March of 2002 for a company considering a Cheyenne expansion. That business put their plans on hold, but LEADS remained interested because the town was still running out of available space. And oddly enough, now that they've bought the land, that company has again been in contact. If that company comes to Cheyenne, Bruns says it would rival the massive Lowe's Distribution Center in terms of the amount of land it would need. LEADS will apply to the Progress and Prosperity II campaign to help pay for the land. Bruns wouldn't disclose the purchase price, but says they money raised by Progress and Prosperity would be enough to cover it.