Legislative committee passes accountability measure

Casper, Wy – When the legislative session gets underway next month,lawmakers will debate a bill intended to make teachers and principals more accountable for student performance. This comes after a vote by a select committee in Casper.
The committee supported a bill to measure student performance and link students' test scores to their teachers and principals, with the intent of holding educators responsible for test results. Outgoing State Senator Mike Massie voted against the bill. He says one major problem is that accountability would be based on the results of only one test -- and he says there are several other flaws with the proposed system.
"It's also a system which doesn't value gifted and talented students, it doesn't value students who might want to go places other than college after graduation. It doesn't really provide any kind of accountability whatsoever."
The bill's sponsor, Senator Jim Anderson, says this the measure would be a first step, and accountability is needed to make sure state education spending actually improves student achievement.