Legislators are closing in on a redistricting bill

Dec 1, 2011

Lawmakers charged with redrawing Wyoming's
legislative districts say they expect to hash out competing
proposals at a two-day meeting early next week.

     Republican Sen. Cale Case, of Lander, and Republican Rep. Pete
Illoway, of Cheyenne, are co-chairmen of the Joint Corporations,
Elections and Political Subdivisions Interim Committee that meets
Monday and Tuesday in Cheyenne. The Legislature will consider the
committee's final plan in the session starting in February.

     The 2010 census shows Wyoming's population grew 14 percent from
2000 to 2010, reaching 563,000. That means each of the 30 state
Senate districts ideally should have about 18,800 people, while
each of the 60 House districts should have half that many.    

Population has spiked in areas of western and northeastern
Wyoming, meaning those areas will gain legislative seats from other