Legislators Consider Child Care Subsidies

Casper, WY – Legislators are meeting in Casper today
(Tuesday) to consider a proposal to allow the state to offer subsidized child care to needy Wyoming families.
The Quality Child Care Oversight Committee will consider draft legislation that would allow the state to give scholarships directly to child care providers to help families cover the cost of caring for children. The measure would also create a program for rating the quality of child care centers.
The state Department of Workforce Services prepared a study this year that found nearly 24,000 Wyoming children are in some form of child care. The study found there's a shortage of infant and toddler care in the state.
Kathy Emmons is director of Workforce Services. She says offering adequate child care is important for Wyoming's economic development.
The proposed legislation would put up $6 million for state agencies to administer and run the program.