Legislators Prepare To Redraw Districts

LARAMIE, wyo – By the time Wyoming voters head to the polls in two years, there will almost certainly be some changes to the state's legislative districts. That's because every decade lawmakers have to adjust districts based on changes in population. This redistricting won't start until next March. But, some lawmakers got a preview of what this might look like today. The corporation committee saw population estimates from 2009. Senator Cale Case is the co-chair of this committee and also helped with redistricting ten years ago. He says even though Republicans have a big majority they are not likely to use this process for partisanship.

"When the Republicans an overwhelming advantage like they do now I don't think there is any more manipulation that could happen to accomplish a better outcome for them," says Case.

Some Democrats have complained about gerrymandering ten years ago in Teton County. Case says there is some validity to this because one district was changed after the committee finished its work.