Legislators react to Gov. Mead's first State of the State

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Democratic and Republican members of the legislature held a joint news conference after the governor's State of the State address.

All said they look forward to working together and with Governor Mead, but there are some clear differences of opinion. One is on health care. Representative Mary Throne, a Democrat from Cheyenne, says she does not support spending money to fight the federal health care bill in the courts. "I do not like the idea of putting two million dollars into a litigation fund, that does not get money to the people who need health care and I really want to take a close look at that bill. That's a lot of money on litigation before we even know what we need to litigate."

Republican lawmakers also disagree with the governor over a proposal to take tax revenue from mineral extraction and send it directly to local governments, highways and the rainy day account. One Republican said that proposal will have tough sledding.