Legislature approves wolf plan

Mar 7, 2012

The Wyoming legislature has given final approval to a long-awaited wolf management bill.  
/>Sheridan Republican Bruce Burns chairs the Senate Travel, Recreation and Wildlife Committee.  He  says the bill will allow the state to manage wolf populations with hunting seasons in northwest Wyoming, but wolves may be shot on sight in the rest of the state.  Burns says Wyoming’s plan is a compromise, and for that reason it does have its detractors.  “Oh, I don’t think anybody is completely satisfied with what we are doing," Burns said.  "But hopefully there has been enough compromise and enough give, but I’d be shocked come the day, hopefully this fall when the new rule takes effect, that there are not lawsuits.”  
Burns does not believe there will be federal legislation giving Wyoming protections from lawsuits.  He credits the governor and federal officials for coming to the table to craft the compromise, but Burns also fears that the state may need to reach another compromise if a Judge rules against the state plan.