Legislature approves workplace safety bill

Mar 7, 2012

The legislature has approved an incentive based-worker safety bill.

Wyoming is among the leaders in workplace deaths and the bill provides up to seven new officers who will help companies develop and comply with safety requirements on a voluntary basis. It also provides grant money for small businesses to improve workplace safety.

Kim Floyd of the AFL-CIO says he had wanted tougher penalties for companies and people who violate safe working standards, but he says this bill is a good step.

“You know we’ll see," Floyd said. "We are happy to take this step with them, we appreciate the governor and Director Evans from the department of employment stepping to the plate and understanding we have a problem in here in Wyoming. And I have to say this is a good day for all workers in Wyoming.”

In the past, lawmakers opposed legislation meant to improve workplace safety, but Floyd says a study released this fall, which showed the extent of workplace deaths in the state, opened many eyes. The bill now heads to the governor for his consideration.