Legislature Kills High Profile Bills

Feb 11, 2014

Wyoming lawmakers killed a number of high profile bills Tuesday that failed to meet the requirement that legislation receive two-thirds support before it can be considered. 

One of those bills would have decriminalized marijuana.  Casper Representative Steve Harshman strongly opposed the bill. 

"What’s going on south of us with an all cash business, and with cartels moving in, this is a real serious issue," Harshman said. "I’d vote no on this, I’d say no on this, I’d send the right message to our kids. "

House members also voted not to cut taxes on coal, increase the state minimum wage, and make Chocolate Chip the official state cookie.        

The Senate voted down a proposal by Senator Bruce Burns to make firing squads an alternative form of execution.

“In the law the secondary form of execution is gas chamber.  We don’t have a gas chamber," Burns said.  "That leaves us three alternative realistic forms of execution…electrocution, hanging, or firing squad.  I happen to choose firing squad.”

Senators also voted against introducing a bill that would have established a non-partisan primary election.