Libraries look for help from Capitol

Laramie, WY – State lawmakers will take up a bill next year that would breathe life into Wyoming libraries, especially those in poorer areas.

The proposal establishes a 25-million dollar endowment for the state's 23 county libraries.

Those libraries can raise matching funds from the state until they each have more than 1-million dollars.

Paul Heimer was on the committee that helped craft the bill.

He says libraries can use interest from the endowment to buy books and computers, pay down debt, or increase outreach to seniors and children.

"This is going to have such a huge affect, not just five years from now, but when we are all dead and gone and we still have public libraries, this is going to so big," Heimer says.

A similar bill passed the in the Senate last year, but died in the House when time ran out.