Libyan students hold demonstration at UW

Laramie, Wyo. – Libyan students studying at the University of Wyoming gathered today on campus to stand in solidarity with protesters in Libya, who are calling for the end of Muammar el-Qaddafi's regime. Waving Libyan flags and signs that read "We want freedom" and "No more blood," the students chanted "No more war" and "Qaddafi must go." About ten Libyan students turned out for the event.

Ismail Elfallah is a graduate student at the university, and expressed anger and sadness that Qaddafi's mercenary troops have lashed out against his countrymen. "We would like to support our families and our country about what's happening in Libya," he said. "The situation in my country is very bad now. As you know, Qaddafi and his soldiers from Africa -- he's given them money to kill Libyan people. You can't imagine that."

Other students worried about the safety of family and friends in Libya, and said that concern for their country has made it difficult to focus on their studies. Meanwhile, Qaddafi today denied that anti-government protests have taken place in his country, and urged his supporters to fight with him to the last man.