Lighting Strikes Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park – Eleven people were hurt
this afternoon in Yellowstone National Park, including a
12-year-old boy who was seriously injured, when a lightning strike
hit near Old Faithful geyser.
Park officials say two physicians and a nurse who were among the
visitors resuscitated the boy, who was flown to Eastern Idaho
Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.
Yellowstone spokeswoman Cheryl Matthews says the lightning
struck the ground in front of the geyser but did not hit anyone
The strike was just a short distance from the Old Faithful
Visitor Center.
The other ten people were cared for at the scene and some of
them were taken to the Old Faithful Clinic for additional care.
Matthews says most were treated and released.
Matthews says a very intense mid-afternoon storm cell moved
through the area, producing numerous other lightning strikes along
with heavy rain and hail.