Long Wait for Doctor in Gillette

Laramie, Wy – A three-week wait just to see a doctor is something people in Gillette have to deal with.
A study done by Campbell County Memorial Hospital found that Gillette is short about 11 primary care physicians. That means the community needs 11 more doctors either in family practice or internal medicine just to meet the current population needs.
Doctor Jim Naramore says it's tough on patients to have to wait that long. But, he says, it's tough on doctors, too.
Naramore says doctors are often squeezing in additional patients during evenings or early mornings, just so people don't have to wait as long.
And the doctors who are in Gillette are on call more often than in other communities.
Andy Fitzgerald is interim C-E-O of the hospital. He says if Gillette continues to grow, it will be vital that the community recruit more doctors.