Lovell Police Investigating An Apparent Murder-Suicide

Lovell, Wy – Two people are dead in Lovell following an
apparent murder-suicide yesterday (Monday).
Authorities identified the dead as 22-year-old Brenda Lee Davila
and 23-year-old Steven D. Lopez.
Lovell Police Chief Nick Lewis says Davila was the victim and
Lopez was the lone suspect in the shooting. Four shots were fired
from a handgun in the incident.
Lewis says he wants to see final autopsy results before formally
classifying the incident as a murder-suicide.
The shooting occurred at about 2 p.m. yesterday in front of a
residence on Carmon Avenue. Lewis says the couple engaged in a
brief argument before the shooting. He says several people in the
neighborhood witnessed the incident.
Lewis says the two had recently moved into Wyoming. He says they
both had family in Lovell and says they had two children together
The shooting happened about half a block from the playground at
Lovell Elementary School.
Dan Coe is superintendent of Big Horn County School District
Number Two. He says school staff members quickly brought children
who had been outside on recess back into the building when they
heard the shots.