Lower expected revenue prompts gov. to cut budget

Laramie, Wyo. – Because the state is expected to have less money to spend then previously thought, the Governor has cut his proposed supplemental budget in half.

In December, Governor Dave Freudenthal asked lawmakers to spend over $440 million on a number of projects, but because revenue forecasters now say the state will only be getting a third of the money they previously thought, the Governor is now asking for $216 million.

Among his cuts are $67 million that was previously targeted to fund local governments, an additional ten million dollars he was going to provide state employees for additional pay raises, ten million dollars for the wildlife trust fund, $20 million for UW's endowments and $47 million for additional school construction.

Freudenthal stresses that he is not cutting any current budgets, but is reducing proposed increases to those budgets. He will present his draft recommendations to Republican and Democratic caucuses this weekend. The legislative session begins Tuesday in Cheyenne.