Lummis and Wendt debate in race for U.S. House

Riverton, Wyo. – Last night's debate between the candidates for U.S. House centered on spending and health care reform. But there was also a sharp contrast on what the candidates viewed as "the Wyoming way." The incumbent Republican Cynthia Lummis has been a constant proponent of bringing Wyoming's way of governing to Washington, and that held true last night. "Wyoming does it better," she said. "Wyoming balances its budget. The Wyoming legislature works together to make sure that people understand the bills before they pass and these are ideas that Washington needs to learn from."

Democratic challenger, David Wendt, said independence is also a great trait of Wyoming people and Lummis has not brought that to Washington as she always votes with Republicans. "She has sided with Wall Street against small business and she has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest groups," he said. "I don't know where Wyoming is in all of that."

Lummis has received almost $700,000 in contributions from political action committees. Wendt has not received any money from PACs.