Lummis Excited About Executive Business Center

Laramie, Wy – The State Treasurer is adamant that an executive training center and graduate business school in Jackson will do a lot for Wyoming's economy. Cynthia Lummis says when the committee setting up the programs meets in Laramie next week, they should start by focusing on setting up the Executive Training Center. She says they need to look at Wyoming's strengths and see what niches the center can focus on. If they do this right, Lummis believes it will be of tremendous benefit to the state since it could attract people from around the world. "those people could increase and even diversify our energy, environmental and natural resource sectors, if those are the ones chosen (to be focused on). It also provides internships with companies that are already in Wyoming, to groom future business leaders. And it provides that nexus of expertise that we so badly need in Wyoming in order to diversify and become strong."
Lummis says Jackson is a natural fit for the training center, since a lot of the people they would likely consider as adjunct faculty, are already doing business there. The committee formed to set the roadmap for the Training Center and Graduate Business School will meet in Laramie next Wednesday.