Lummis fights against bill regulating oil and gas industry

Laramie, WY – While Congressional Democrats are touting the passage of a bill that would bring about significant reforms in the oil and gas industry. But at least one member of the committee has a different view. Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says the bill completely reforms the way oil and gas development is regulated. Lummis maintains that the bill was supposed to address problems associated with the B-P oil spill. But she says this legislation goes well beyond that and could hurt Wyoming, "Here we have a bill intended to address the B-P oil spill in the Gulf, which is actually going to have a tremendously negative impact on the Uranium Industry on-shore with particular emphasis on Wyoming Uranium producers. So that's the most egregious example of how it hits Wyoming between the eyes."
But supporters say the bill simply requires the oil and gas industry to use best practices. They say it provides oversight that has been lacking. The so called CLEAR Act still needs to be voted on by the full House of Representatives.