Lummis Mailings Investigated

Laramie, Wy – The Secretary of State's office looked into campaign literature today (Wednesday) that was sent to Wyoming residents by U-S House Candidate Cynthia Lummis. Secretary Max Maxfield says the state Republican Party approached his office after the Lummis campaign sent correspondence to voters stamped with the return address of G-O-P headquarters. Maxfield says it is illegal for a state party to participate in the primary election. Meanwhile, Lummis Spokeswoman Annaliese Wiederspahn says the mistaken labels were nothing more than a typo.
"The return address said suite number 314. It should have said suite number 315. And we have our Casper office in the same building as the state party headquarters."

The Secretary of State's office says it spoke with G-O-P officials and the Lummis Campaign. It determined the mix-up was probably a genuine mistake. The G-O-P's Amy Larimer says the party supports all Republican candidates running in the primary.