Lummis re-elected

Nov 7, 2012

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis easily won re-election in yesterday’s election. She was up against Democrat Chris Henrichsen and three third-party candidates.

Lummis says the presence of the minor-party candidates indicates that some Wyomingites feel the Republican candidates weren’t conservative enough.

“Some think that we’re not going fast enough towards balancing our budgets – that we are continuing to fund programs that the Constitution never envisioned would be the province of the federal government,” Lummis said. “They’re very concerned about the tremendous growth that occurred in the federal government over the last four years.”

Lummis says she shares those concerns but says there’s no quick fix. She says eliminating spending for all agencies and programs that weren’t enumerated in the Constitution would throw the nation back into a recession.

Credit Cynthia Lummis