Lummis says Obama adminstration against domestic oil, gas and coal

Washington D-C – Lummis pissed

After reviewing decisions by the Environmental Protection Agency and Interior Department that could impact the oil and gas industry, U-S Representative Cynthia Lummis is upset. The E-P-A is proposing tougher smog standards and Interior is going to reduce the number of oil and gas leases that are available for drilling. The Republican says it is clear that the agenda of the Obama Administration is to reduce domestic oil, gas and coal production.
"I am apoplectic about what I see coming out of EPA and interior and will continue to work with those agencies on those issues. Q: Do you think you will get anywhere with them? A:I think it will be tough, because they have their marching orders. "
Governor Freudenthal also wrote the Interior department expressing his concern about the new leasing policy and suggested working to develop a compromise.