Lummis says she's not voting with the GOP, they are voting with her

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming U-S Representative Cynthia Lummis is rejecting claims that she is voting in lockstep with Republicans in the House of Representatives. Lummis says she went to Washington with a plan to cut spending and to balance the budget without raising taxes. In an interview with Wyoming Public Radio, Lummis argued that her votes reflect that and that party leaders are voting with her, not the other way around. "So what I am telling you is that I am very pleased that the Republican leadership is with me. You know, they can go where they want to. I am where I am. People like Eric Cantor and John Boehner agree with me most of the time. Good for them."
Lummis said that if she gets re-elected she will work to cut government spending with both targeted and across the board measures. She has offered a budget amendment that would only allow the government to hire one federal worker for every two that that retire. Lummis is facing Democrat David Wendt in the general election.