Lummis Scores Zero With Conservation Voters

LARAMIE, wyo – Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis has received a score of zero from the National League of Conservation voters for her anti-environment votes on the congressional spending bill.

The organization's Alex Taurel says one amendment prevents the E-P-A from regulating mercury pollution from cement plants. Laurel says decisions to allow more pollution are short sited for states like Wyoming that are tied to traditional energy production...

"More people going to the hospital," says Taurel. "More people missing work. And all that has economic consequences. And so, I think we need to think about those sorts of impacts, especially at a time when our economy is struggling to get out of a recession."

Taurel says that instead of helping the economy, these votes actually hurt. Lummis joined several other western members of Congress in receiving a zero.