Lummis, Trauner may have the money edge

Laramie, Wyo. – A Wyoming political scientist says congressional candidate Cynthia Lummis may have some advantages in the final stretch of the Republican primary campaign.

The latest campaign finance reports show that Lummis has three and a half times more cash on hand as her Republican rival Mark Gordon. Gordon has raised more than twice as much money as Lummis overall, but he's already spent most of that.

Meantime, Lummis still has about a quarter million dollars to spend. The University of Wyoming's Jim King:

"The question is whether she can make up any advantage that Mark Gordon has gained through his earlier campaign advertising, spent a lot of money getting his name out.

"Now Lummis is in a position of probably having to catch up a little bit. But she has the financial advantage, she has the historical advantage of being a former statewide elected official."

King says it would be difficult for Republican candidates Bill Winney and Michael Holland to catch up in fundraising at this point.

Right now, the only Democrat in the U-S House race, Gary Trauner, leads all the Republicans in fundraising. But he is likely waiting for the general election to spend the lion's share of his campaign cash.

The latest campaign finance reports show that Gary Trauner has spent about a third of the money he's raised so far.

"He can really be ready to go after the primary is over," King says.

Trauner has raised more money than any of the Republican candidates, who are running against each other in a primary election on August 19th.