Lummis tries to push President

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming Representative Cynthia Lummis says military advisers of President Obama have nothing to worry about when it comes to increasing the number of troops in Afghanistan. Lummis is part of a push to get President Obama to make a quick decision on the recommendation to increase the number of troops in the country, in order to fight the Taliban. Obama advisers worry about the implications of adding more troops and how it might weaken the U-S elsewhere. They are also concerned about morale and more importantly on whether they would offense Afghan leaders. Lummis says the Afghan people would welcome more U-S soldiers.
"They know that unlike the Russians and other conquerors that the Americans are there not as occupiers, but as liberators. And that we truly will, once we have helped them establish their own institutions of governance pull out."
Lummis says if the U-S is not there to help Govern, the only people who will govern are the Taliban. Something she says is unacceptable. The President is meeting with top advisers Friday.