Man Accused of Plotting Against Wyoming Plant

Laramie, WY – Federal prosecutors say a man charged with
trying to help al-Qaida blow up U-S energy facilities in Wyoming
and elsewhere wrote that it would lead to "instant rebellion" in
the United States.
Prosecutors displayed a series of computer messages from
49-year-old Michael Reynolds who is on trial in Pennsylvania on
federal charges of providing material support to terrorists.
The messages describe in detail a plan to target a Wyoming
natural gas refinery at Opal (oh-PAL') and say such an attack would
prompt an uprising by an American public disgusted over the Iraq
war and the government's response to Hurricane Katrina.
Reynolds maintains that he was working as a private citizen to
uncover terrorist plots and that his Internet communications were
meant to ensnare a person he thought was a terrorist.
Prosecutors say Reynolds also sought to target the
Transcontinental Pipeline, a natural-gas pipeline that runs from
the Gulf Coast to New York and New Jersey.