Many Wyoming Residents on Food Stamps Have No Other Income

Laramie, Wy – A growing number of Wyoming people are living on food stamps without any cash income. In over 3,200 Wyoming households, there are no wages coming in, no unemployment benefits, no welfare, no worker's comp and no child support. The number of Wyoming households without any income has increased 60 percent since this time last year.

Jacque Petroski with the state Department of Family Services says these households do receive several hundred dollars worth of food stamps each month. They may also receive assistance with health care and rent. She says most of the people in this situation are women with kids.

"Parents will do anything to make sure their kids are taken care of - they really will," she says. "They'll do without but they will come into the office because they want their kids to be able to eat."

Petroski says the increase in no-income households is partly due to a change in federal law that also allowed adults without dependents to stay on food stamps for longer. But she says the recession seems to be mostly to blame.