Many Wyoming workers depend on government

Laramie, WY – A new report shows that Wyoming is very reliant on government jobs. The Equality State Policy Center published "Working Wyoming" this week. It shows that a quarter of those working in the state are employed directly by federal, state, or local government. The executive director of the E-S-P-C, Dan Neal, says that does not include people who work on government contracts, including those building highways or schools. He says this should be a reminder to those who create budgets in the state
"State policy makers and local policy makers should be thinking very carefully about the effects of their budgeting and particularly cutbacks because it has a direct impact on our economy in a big way."
The Equality State Policy Center's report says a more stable economy could prevent swings in hiring and firing of government workers. To achieve this, the report suggests increasing taxes on mineral development, saving that revenue and doing a better job of planning ahead for future spending.