March 8th, 2013

UW Economist Anne Alexander discusses the potential effects of the federal sequester on Wyoming
One thing everyone is trying to get a grip on is how the federal sequester will impact Wyoming.  Anne Alexander is an economist at the University of Wyoming.  She joined Bob Beck in the studio to discuss this.

Wyo. Lawmakers Fear Western Issues Absent in Gun Debate
In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting there’s been an increase in calls for gun control in Washington. Matt Laslo reports the Wyoming congressional delegation fears the entire debate is leaving out western issues. 

Lawmakers reflect on unusual session
It’s been over a week since the Wyoming legislature wrapped up the 2013 session.  It was a session that many lawmakers called unusual, mainly due to the unexpected legislation that removed powers from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill.  The other surprise was that the interaction between legislators and the public got heated at times, especially during debate on gun bills.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck spoke with a number of legislators about the session and has this report.

WY future should include value-added energy projects, report says
A report released by a coalition including the Wyoming Business Council, the University of Wyoming, and the Idaho National Laboratory detailed why Wyoming should diversify its energy production methods and how the state could use its abundant natural resources in value-added projects. That’s when raw resources are processed into more complex fuels and energy instead of just being burned.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Irina Zhorov spoke with CEO of the Wyoming Business Council, Bob Jensen, and manager at the Idaho National Lab, Richard Boardman, about why value added projects are important and what Wyoming can do to get on board.

Antelope Butte Ski Area could reopen as non-profit, nearby for-profit ski lodge calls foul
The Antelope Butte ski area in the Bighorn Mountains has been closed since 2004. Now, the Antelope Butte Foundation is raising money to reopen the ski-resort… this time as a nonprofit. The Foundation has applied for a Wyoming Business Council Grant to refurbish the resort. But the owner of the nearby Meadowlark Ski Lodge is worried that the competition could kill his business. Wyoming Public Radio’s Luke Hammons reports.

A conversation with incoming UW President, Dr. Robert Sternberg
Doctor Robert Sternberg is the incoming President of the University of Wyoming.  Sternberg is a noted Psychologist who is currently the Provost at Oklahoma State University.  In other interviews Sternberg has made it clear that a key focus of his will be on improving academics at UW and he is also a big supporter of athletics.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck asked him to talk about a few other issues.

PBS documentary links railroad construction to the formation of Wyoming
A documentary about the construction of the transcontinental railroad is set to air on Wyoming PBS this weekend. The film will show how the building of the railroad shaped Wyoming into the place it is today. Wyoming Public Radio’s Willow Belden spoke with the film’s producer, Tom Manning. He says before the railroad was built, there was no Wyoming. The film, “End of Track,” premieres on PBS on March 10th at 7 p.m.

Wyoming workers share talents, stories in poetry workshop
The University of Wyoming invites thinkers and doers from all corners of academia to visit and work at the university and add some perspective to the curriculum. The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program has invited poet and labor activist Mark Nowak to serve as its Eminent Writer in Residence for a few weeks this year. Nowak has sat in on writing classes and read student manuscripts, but during his weeks in Wyoming, he organized four writing workshops in the Cheyenne and Laramie communities, where he and MFA grads encouraged workers from various trades to write poetry about their own experiences in the workplace. Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez sat in on one workshop in Laramie.