Massie does not want to cut education money

Laramie, Wy – A state Senator disagrees with those who want to cut education funding because increased funding has not led to higher test scores. The state has been putting millions into education in recent years, but test results appear to be stagnant. With the state revenue lagging, some lawmakers are planning to propose some education cuts. Senator Mike Massie of Laramie is a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee and he opposes that idea. Massie says the focus should be on improving education, not on taking anything away.
"Perception is that we are funding education at an excellent level but we are getting just good results. How can we get better results? Some folks, such as I, want to better define what excellence in education means in the state. Then develop a statewide commitment to achieve it."
Massie says one way to improve education is to continue to get entire communities more engaged in teaching youngsters.