Maxfield warns of Business identity theft

Apr 17, 2012

       Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield is joining a nationwide effort to warn business owners about what is known as business identity theft. 

Maxfield says thieves have been able to take on the identity of a business by taking over businesses that are either recently dissolved or about to be dissolved.  He says thieves get the company reinstated and then change key information so that they have control of the business.

“Charging huge accounts to that business and basically causing financial ruins to the owners of the businesses.” 

Maxfield says business owners should regularly review their records on-line and report anything that is incorrect or suspicious.  He says people can get more information through the website

“And this website will help you understand just exactly what identity theft is when it comes to businesses.  And how to avoid being duped by the thief’s that are taking over and high jacking businesses.

Maxfield notes that recently some Wyoming business owners were tricked into paying fees for filing unnecessary documents.  He says if business owners notice anything unusual with their paperwork or have other concerns, they should contact his office immediately.