May 6th, 2016

Credit Aaron Schrank

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Wyoming's School Funding Boom Begins To Fade

Thanks to a recent energy boom, Wyoming ranks among the top K-12 spenders per-student. But as oil and gas prices drop, and coal companies declare bankruptcy, the Cowboy State’s school funding future is in jeopardy. Wyoming Public Radio’s Aaron Schrank reports.

Senate Energy Bill Shows Signs Of Hope Or Dark Omen

When senators return to Washington on Monday they’ll resume work on an Energy and Water spending bill which is important to Wyoming but has been stalled over a foreign policy dispute. But Matt Laslo reports from Washington that Wyoming lawmakers are hoping it marks a new day for handling spending bills in a timely fashion, though at least one hurdle remains.

GOP House Candidate Tim Stubson Discusses Coal And Health Care

State Representative Tim Stubson is the third-ranking member of the Wyoming House of Representatives and a member of the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee. His next move is to try and replace U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis and become Wyoming’s next Congressman. Stubson is also a Casper attorney. He joins us to discuss a couple of key issues starting with the declining coal market.

Listen To U.S. Coal Production Fall Off A Cliff

America’s coal industry is hurting. Bad. Thousands of workers have been laid off and a majority of the country’s major coal companies have filed for bankruptcy. Coal production is at 30-year low. To understand just how stark that dropoff is, Inside Energy’s Jordan Wirfs-Brock tries an experiment. 

Promises, Promises: Economists Weigh In On Energy Policy Proposals

Prices for coal, oil, and gas are all way down. Global concern over climate change is growing. We're adding more renewables into the mix. The way we produce and consume energy is changing. So there are some big decisions to be made on the future of energy in the U.S. Today we're bringing you a special segment about the politics and policy of energy. 

While Some States Yank Seed Libraries Out By Roots, Wyoming's Are About To Bloom

Lately, it seems like seed libraries are sprouting up all over Wyoming. At least four public libraries that usually lend books will soon lend seeds too. You plant them at home, grow them, and when they produce seeds of their own, you return those seeds to the library for the next guy. As Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards reports, Wyoming’s seed library boom comes as some states have been cracking down on them.