McBride Concerned About Virtual School Recruiting

Gillette, Wy – State Superintendent Jim McBride says he's
concerned about a company's mass mailings around Wyoming to drum up
business for its virtual-school curriculum.
The company is K-12 Incorporated, and it's been working with the
Campbell County School District to set up a virtual elementary
school with an online curriculum.
The school would serve primarily home-schooled students.
Campbell County school officials are optimistic about launching the
virtual school this school year.
State education officials have been cautious about the proposal,
however, pointing out that Wyoming doesn't yet have laws and rules
in place to fund a virtual school.
Meanwhile, parents in several Wyoming cities are getting
mailings saying they can enroll their children in the "Wyoming
Virtual School." McBride has told Campbell County Superintendent
Richard Strahorn that the mailings have him -- quote -- "deeply
McBride says he wouldn't want to see virtual education in
Wyoming develop a less-than-professional reputation due to a lack
of planning.