McBride leaves office today

Laramie, WY – After serving for almost five years Jim McBride is vacating the State Superintendent's office. He lost in the Republican primary to Cindy Hill, who will be sworn in on January third. The election was contentious, but McBride says he continued to work to make things easy for Hill.
"I'm trying to be a big enough person to set her up for success and not failure. I don't want to cause any problems or leave any legacy that had I dealt with it things would be different."
McBride's time in office was somewhat tumultuous. Students in the state failed to make significant improvements on tests while spending increased. Then the exam used to assess students had problems this year. But, McBride did negotiate a deal with the testing company. That deal would send about five million dollars in cash and services to the state if Cindy Hill signs it.