McBride wants to wean off of federal money

Cheyenne, Wy – State Superintendent Jim McBride says Wyoming may need to "develop a plan to wean ourselves off federal money."
During a forum last night between McBride and his three
challengers, the Republican said that would mean a 9 percent budget
cut for each district, an idea he says is meeting with resistance
in the schools he's visited.
All three of his challengers criticized the statewide student
assessment, known as the PAWS test, which McBride says is required
by federal law and brings $110 million in federal funding to
Schools superintendent in Cheyenne Ted Adams says the test is
flawed and poorly used. Adams and former junior high assistant
principal from Cheyenne Cynthia Hill will face McBride in the GOP
Also running is Democratic state Sen. Mike Massie of Laramie.