McGinity advocates for academic freedom

Dec 27, 2013

The Interim President of the University of Wyoming says he favors academic freedom and research into a variety of topics, even if it upsets some industries or politicians in the state. Dick McGinity says that latitude is important.

“There’s probably research in any number of areas that may not be pleasing to one group of people compared to another," he says. "But I think academics should be free to pursue those.”

McGinity says it is up to researchers to clearly prove their findings. He says while he understands concerns that lawmakers are being given too much influence over the workings of U-W, he doesn't share them.  He says faculty may speak their mind and continue to research without fear of reprisals

“I think it is the responsibility of the President of the institution to defend the freedom of academics, of academic researchers, to pursue their logic where it leads,” he says.

McGinity says he welcomes input from a variety of sources, but will do what’s best for U-W and its students.