McQueary Repeats Allegation About Sandusky

Dec 16, 2011
(Note: There is graphic testimony about the alleged sexual abuse of a young boy in this post.)

Mike McQueary, a key witness in the case against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky — who stands accused of sexually abusing at least 10 young boys over more than a decade — is testifying this morning at a court hearing about the scandal that has rocked the university.

NPR's Jeff Brady is covering the Pennsylvania court proceeding and is posting updates on his Twitter page.

Just moments ago, Jeff reported that "McQueary says he saw Jerry Sandusky apparently having sex with a 10 or 12 year old boy in the shower."

Harrisburg's Patriot-News, which is also posting updates on Twitter, adds that:

-- McQueary testified that "The boy was up against the wall, facing the wall. Jerry was directly behind him in a very close position."

-- "I did not see any insertion, did not hear any protest, screaming or yelling," McQueary said.

-- McQueary: "I believe Jerry was sexually molesting him and having some type of intercourse with him."

We'll pass along more news from Jeff and other reporters who are following the hearing.

As the Patriot-News says, today's proceeding does not involve Sandusky (who says he's innocent): Former Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are in court as a judge weighs whether the case against them for allegedly lying to a grand jury and not telling authorities about Sandusky's alleged actions should go to trial.

McQueary told the grand jury he saw Sandusky and a young boy engaged in some type of sexual act in a Penn State locker room in 2002. McQueary also said he told Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno about what he saw. Paterno then reportedly told Curley. No one ever contacted police, the grand jury reported.

Paterno and university President Graham Spanier both lost their jobs in the wake of the scandal.

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