Mead: Budgets can be cut without layoffs

Apr 25, 2012

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says he wants state agencies to look at program reductions but not job cuts when they come up with plans to reduce the state budget. 

Because of declining natural gas prices, the governor is asking all state agencies to be prepared to reduce their budgetseight percent by July first of 2013.  Mead said during a news conference that many of the reductions can be done without layoffs.

“I don’t want them in their 8 percent to say we are going to fire ten people, that’s how we are going to take care of it.  That’s not where I want them to look.  I want them to look first at their programs, the services they provide, look for their cuts  there, before they go into personnel.”

Mead said it is bad policy to get rid of people who bring a lot of experience to the state.  The governor also stressed that all agencies will present cuts to be considered, but he will determine what cuts are the most appropriate. Agencies will present their proposed cuts to the governor this fall.