Mead thinks rules and regulations are adequate for Pinedale

Casper, WY – Although he is alarmed by the recent Ozone warnings in Pinedale, Governor Matt Mead rejects the notion that Wyoming needs more regulations in the area. During a news conference the Governor pointed out that until recently, Wyoming's regulations have worked fine. But he says one thing that will help is efforts to have industry officials make changes to their equipment to reduce emissions. However, Mead quickly adds that he does not want to down play what has occurred.
"I do not like hearing in Pinedale, Wyoming that kids need to remain in the house. I don't want that. But I don't think that its rules and regulations, as much as the process we've started we have got to do more. And on top of that, as governor I have to make sure that rules and regulations that we have are enforced."
Governor Mead says part of that is enhanced monitoring,and that effort is already underway.