Mead vows to lead Wyoming into the future

Cheyenne, Wy – 48 years after his grandfather Cliff Hansen took the oath of office, Matt Mead was sworn in as Wyoming's 32nd governor. Mead told the crowd that Wyoming is in great shape, both financially and otherwise. But he urged the state to look to the future. He says being average is not good enough and the state needs to strive to be the best. "With our small population and the strength of our citizens we must be bold. Knowing that with all the advantages we have, we can get things done. We can innovate. We can attract industry's and diversify our economy through improved technology and connectivity. We can plan today for the water needs of the future. We can give our young people an education that is second to none."
Mead praised the work of the legislature and former governor Dave Freudenthal. The crowd gave Freudenthal a standing ovation. Mead also said he will oppose federal health care reforms, saying that reforms should come from Wyoming instead. But he gave no specific plan.