Medicaid overhaul bill passes the Senate

Jan 24, 2013

Wyoming Sen. Charles Scott

The State Senate has approved a bill that changes the way Medicaid services are administered in Wyoming. 

Senate Health and Labor Committee Chairman Charles Scott says it would make a number of changes, especially for those with brain injuries and developmental disabilities, where large numbers of people are on a waiting list to get services. 

Scott says they will address the program by making sure that everyone does not qualify for more insurance than they need.

“The existing program provides all the services that the most severely impaired people need.  And by tailoring it more carefully to what they really need, we hope to be able to take care of a whole bunch of people that need the service, but are on the waiting list right now, ‘cause we don’t have enough money to cover them all.”

Scott says if the reforms work, it could save the state millions in unnecessary costs.  The bill now moves to the House for further debate.