Medical Malpractice Issues Debated

Cheyenne, Wy – The Director of the Equality State Policy Center opposes two constitutional amendments dealing with medical malpractice. Amendment C would set up a review panel, in an effort to weed out frivolous cases. Amendment D would allow legislators to cap non-economic damages. Doctors believe that the amendments could lower malpractice premiums and aid in recruitment and retention of doctors. But Tom Throop says it would only hinder citizens who have been harmed by doctors. He also says it is a big lie to say Doctors have been leaving the state.
But Wyoming Medical Society President Robert Monger says Throop is wrong and that the states smaller communities are being impacted by doctors who leave and by doctors who no longer provides certain types of care.
But Insurance Commission Ken Vines says it's unclear if the amendments would impact malpractice insurance rates.