Memorial Set for Wildlife Disease Researchers

Laramie, Wy – A celebration of the lives of two prominent wildlife disease experts will be held Wednesday at the University
of Wyoming Fine Arts Center.
Veterinary science professor Beth Williams and her husband, Tom
Thorne, will be remembered at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning in the
Fine Arts concert hall.
Williams and Thorne died last week in a snowy collision on U-S
Highway 287 south of the Wyoming-Colorado border.
Williams had been a member of the Veterinary Sciences Department
at U-W since 1983, while Thorne was a 36-year veteran of the
Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
The two were experts on chronic wasting disease in deer and elk,
which Williams first characterized in 1977. They also were known
for their work on brucellosis.
Funeral arrangements in Laramie are pending.