Men Fined $23K For Elk Slaughter

Laramie, WY – Two sets of brothers were fined more than $23,000 for shooting ten elk and leaving most of them to rot. Game Warden Alan Osterland says if there was a hunting rule to be broken, these men broke it.

"It's by far the worst example of sportsmanship, the worst example I've ever investigated," he said.

Osterland gave an example. "One of the guys never walked up to the carcass, the elk, to see if it was indeed dead. The last elk that we found was still breathing and we had to euthanize it," he said.

Brothers Albert and Ivan Pierce and Aaron and Michael May were northwest of Sheridan last November when they opened fire into a running herd of elk.

They were sentenced late last week in Sheridan County Circuit Court. In addition to the fines, three of the men are forbidden to hunt for 10 years, the fourth cannot hunt for 12 years.