Meth use down, cocaine up

Laramie, WY – The director of the state's division of criminal investigation says he's seeing a fewer methamphetamine-related cases this year, but an increase in cocaine cases. Forrest Bright says the percentage of meth investigations is at its lowest point since 2000, when DCI began tracking the numbers with their current method.

"We speculate that the methamphetamine is viewed as the dirty drug that it is by the user," Bright says. "It could be because of the enforcement with border patrol. We know that they're doing a much better job of seizing meth that's trying to come across the border."

The high-water mark for meth cases was in 2005, when it took up 60 percent of all drug investigations. This year, it's down to 37 percent. Cocaine cases went from about 9 percent of all drug cases last year to about 14 percent this year.