Meyer Asks For More Information

Cheyenne, Wy – Secretary of State Joe Meyer wants more
information about the spending of both gubernatorial candidates --
and maybe of other statewide candidates, too.
Meyer today (Tuesday) sent a letter to both Democratic Governor
Dave Freudenthal and Republican challenger Ray Hunkins asking them
to itemize credit card spending and other reimbursements.
Meyer states in the letter that he will review the filings of
other candidates for state office to see if more information is
required of them, as well.
It all began two weeks ago, when the Freudenthal campaign asked
Meyer's office to require Hunkins to detail more than 40-thousand
dollars in credit card spending. Hunkins responded by pointing out
vague entries on the Freudenthal campaign filing, and saying he
would release his credit card statement if Freudenthal would, too.
Now, both campaigns say they'll comply with the secretary of
state's request.