Micheli wants more balance into issue of wildlife versus development

Laramie, Wy – While he favors some forms of wildlife protection Republican candidate for Governor Ron Micheli says he wants to reverse efforts to limit energy development in Wyoming. During an interview on Wyoming Public Radio, Micheli said the state needs to be committed to protecting Sage Grouse because if it is listed as endangered that could be a serious problem for the state. But when it comes to protecting migration corridors, Micheli said common sense is needed.
"We have to do it with some sense. We can't just shut down everything in the name of migration. So, it really is an issue that points out what I hope to bring to the governor's office and that is balance. Q-Do you think there is balance now? A-I think that we have been more towards the environmental and not as business friendly as we ought to."
Micheli says with the technology available to the oil and gas industry, they can develop energy without having a large impact on wildlife.