Mixed Results for Summer Tourism

Laramie, Wy – Early reports on Wyoming's summer tourism season show that visitation was up this year but revenue from tourists was generally down. The director of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Tim O'Donoghue, says people were still drawn to popular areas like the national parks, but they spent less, especially in retail stores.

"People do need roofs over their heads," he says. "They need places to eat and they come here to do activities but it is retail where people are cutting back on their expenses."

On the other side of the state in Cheyenne, the summer was mixed. Some stores saw less revenue, while the co-owner of Wyoming Home, Sue Miller, says their store had its best year ever.

"We're very fortunate," she says. "We had a great year. We feel growth and optimism. I know that is not true of the rest of the country and certainly is a concern to us but so far we've been very fortunate."

In Cody, reports show that spending was down in retail stores and high end restaurants, but the hotels and motels may finish flat compared to last year.