Montana Company Expands into Casper

Casper, WY – The city of Casper has a new manufacturing company in town. Poly Warehouse Incorporated is a Montana-based company that manufactures fittings for high-density polyethylene pipes. Poly Warehouse primarily works with the energy industry and expects to do a lot of business in Wyoming's coal bed methane fields. The Branch Manager of the company's Casper facility, Drew Hampton, says growing demand from the energy industry throughout the Rocky Mountain West made this expansion necessary. He says the company has been kept busy by work in Canada, Montana, and Washington that they haven't been able to serve Wyoming and this region as well as they would like. Hampton says Casper's central location within a day's drive of all the energy hot-spots was a big selling point. Casper was also a logical choice because of another company in town. W.L. Plastics manufactures the same pipes that Poly Warehouse makes fittings for. Hampton says they expect to employ at least 20 people in Casper. The President of the Casper Area Economic Development Alliance calls Poly Warehouse a growing, aggressive company that will be a great addition to the local economy.