Montana Gets More Power Over Wolves, Wyoming Waits

Laramie, Wy – While Montana is gaining more ability to control the population of wolves Wyoming continues to battle the federal government over managing wolves. The
U-S Fish and Wildlife Service turned over power to Montana and will shortly do the same for Idaho. Wolf Recovery Coordinator, Ed Bangs, says this means state officials will take over day to day duties that the federal government was responsible for. He says an example is authorizing killing problem wolves.
In Wyoming the federal government is still in charge of this. The Chair of the Senate Wildlife Committee, Bruce Burns, says the state is waiting for an appeals court to decide if the Wyoming plan is legal. He says he's not sure if the state intends to take this to the U-S Supreme Court, but whenever the court process ends and if Wyoming loses they will have to meet some demands of the federal government.
Burns says he expects a decision from the appeals court by the end of the year and could propose changes to state law during the 2006 legislative session.